About us

BRUDED is a non profit association created in 2005 by a couple of small rural communes in Brittany that are strongly involved in projects of sustainable urbanism. These pioneers decided to mutualise their reflections and means within a solidary network to share experiences and realisations in the field of sustainable development. Thus creating a network of political representatives.

Today, BRUDED counts over 120 communes in the 5 departments of Brittany (click here to see the map showing the members).

That’s what we call “promote”.

Actually, rural, urban, rurban, and insular communes are committed to monitoring a territorial organisation following the principles of sustainable development in Brittany.

BRUDED’s objectives are:

  • sharing and mutualisation of experiences in sustainable development

  • promoting actions taken by its member communes

  • dispatching information on concrete realisations in the field of sustainable development, as for example comprehensive actions, public facilities, layout plans, school canteens, planning of public spaces etc.


Board of directors

BRUDED’s directors guarantee the political project of our association.

BRUDED’s board members guarantee the political project of our association. Strongly involved in the association’s activities and development, they undoubtedly are one of its major forces.

The board meetings take place in our members’ communes, thus offering the possibility to visit a local project.

Our team

Our team, just as our network, has its original way of functioning. It comprises four permanent members, each covering a part of BRUDED’s territory of action.

Maïwenn Magnier, Finistère and centre Morbihan

Mikael Laurent, Ille-et-Vilaine 

Bruno Servel, Côtes d’Armor and West Morbihan

Ivana Potelon, East Morbihan, Loire-Atlantique and South Ille et Vilaine

All the specific tasks of internal management – organisation of the association’s life, budget, partners etc. ... are equally divided among the team members. 

We have a fith person in charge of communication :

Laura Boutier

Our activities

Each of BRUDED’s member communes may benefit from the other members’ experiences, be they good or bad, and is ready to share its own experience with the others. The network allows to establish relationships between the members and to share documents among them that might be helpful in their projects.

Information is collectively shared by through activities that are regularly organised or through individual follow-up by the responsible coordinator.

Regular activities where political representatives meet to exchange on :

  • Visits : to discover concrete realisations in the field


Before starting a project (community building, layout plans, sewage treatment plant…) the political representatives are invited to visit similar realisations and to meet those who carried them out.  

  • Encounters : to cooperate in small groups and improve one’s own project


The political representatives meet in one of the member communes to exchange on their ideas and practices concerning a particular project : street lighting, management of green spaces, housing projects, purchase of goods for school canteens… Good occasions to benefit from theirs hosts’ experiences and debate on them.

Individual follow-up by  the responsible BRUDED coordinators   : to benefit from a transversal point of view on the basis of the experience of the network’s members. Any member may benefit from the variety of the members’ experiences to build a project. The team member responsible of each member’s territory may accompany the project by offering a complementary work to the other partners (local or regional partners of the communes:

  • during the planning phase (before contracting a general contractor), to help the members to define their objectives and specifications,

  • during the carrying out of the project, to make sure that the outcome meets the initial objectives.


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